Shifting work styles drive the need for an office environment that inspires the imagination and stimulates the senses, one that is socially engaging, yet with space to unwind.

Bixby Land Company delivers The Crossing at First with bold new thinking.

This is no ordinary office campus. Vibrant pathways guide visitors through the project, past appealing outdoor areas that beckon collaboration, or just a quiet space to hang out. This is what an office campus should be.


A hallmark of Bixby Land Company developments is the Bixby Retreat, a series of outdoor living rooms and amenity areas inspired by the shared spaces in a boutique hotel. Courtyard areas have been redesigned with IPE wood deck accents, dining areas, a fire pit, central water feature, and numerous places where people can unwind.


Bixby takes a sensible approach to redesigning office campuses that work for people. Having delivered over 30 buildings since 2010, Bixby’s designs have reshaped last generation office buildings into pleasing next generation work environments. For over 120 years, Bixby Land Company has added value to real estate with a pioneering spirit that still rings true.