We build work environments with people in mind.

Encouraged by the progressive influence of a dynamic new generation in the work force, the office campus of today must adapt to changing work styles.

This movement began for Bixby in 2010 in Silicon Valley, where the tech sector led the demand for integrated, amenity-rich work environments. Since then, we’ve redesigned and delivered over thirty buildings on the West Coast, with projects that spark the imagination and promote a healthier, happier place to spend the work day.

We think it’s the most exciting shift in office development in decades.

A hallmark of our projects is the Bixby Retreat, outdoor living rooms and amenity areas that bring people together. We take down the walls that define an office building to open up free-flowing circulation between interior work areas and the great outdoors.

Sure you could work inside all day, but why?

Today's work environment is more than a place to complete tasks. It's a place to linger. A place to kick back with coworkers. Restorative. And it should be a place worthy of the high price we pay - a day out of our lives - to be here.